Alternative and Plan B Eyewear announce today some changes to their Nano Vista relationship.

After careful consideration and review of the terms required to remain the representatives for Nano Vista in North America, we have made the decision not to renew our agreement with Formentor Capital, the private equity owner of Nano. We have always been and remain staunchly committed to the independent eye care professional and what they mean to our industry. As a provision for renewal our company was going to have to be offered for sale to private equity and we refused. Our decision to remain family owned and operated is one we believe in and stand firm on.  The vision of quality, meaningful solutions for pediatric patients is one we have never taken lightly, and it is that vision we stand united on.

It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce Indii Kids, our new pediatric collection featuring flexible plastic and metal frames all covered by our famous, 3 year unconditional warranty.  Alternative & Plan B Eyewear have always been proud supporters of pediatric specialists throughout North America, and our collaboration with these groups has allowed us a unique insight into what servicing these patients requires and our collections will be centered around these principles. We look forward to delivering this program to you in a meaningful and affordable way just in time for back to school. Thank you for supporting our efforts as we set forth on this path. These changes go into effect August 1, 2024.

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Company phone contact: 1-888-399-7742

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